Ashapura Minechem share price target 2025, 2030

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2025, 2030: Hello friends, today we will discuss another mining stock that is capable of giving huge returns to its investors. We are talking about Ashapura Minechem Ltd. 

Ashapura Minechem Ltd was established in 1982 and this company is engaged in mining and manufacturing of various minerals. The products of Ashapura Minechem Ltd are used in industries like soaps, steel, edible oil, metals, medicine and cement. The company is well established in India and in 7 overseas countries.

About Ashapura MinechemParticulars
Company NameAshapura Minechem Ltd
BSE share code527001
Key PersonChetan shah (Executive Chairman)
Market Cap3315 Crores INR
52 Week HighRs 483.20
52 Week LowRs 96.6
Official WebsiteAshapura Minechem website

Product portfolio of Ashapura Minechem Ltd

Ashapura started with the production of Bentonite and later added more minerals to its portfolio i.e. Bauxite, Kaolin, Limestone, Slicesand, Gypsum etc. 

Ashapura Minechem is the largest producer of Bentonite in India and third largest in the world. The company also supplies Bauxite to foreign countries like China, CIS countries and Middle east. Bauxite is used in the manufacturing of Aluminium. 

The company also exports these products to more than 90 countries across the world.

Ashapura Minechem share price target table

Ashapura Minechem share price target1st target2nd target
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2024₹ 455.10₹ 487.25
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2025₹ 587.22₹ 603.23
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2026₹ 720.14₹ 736.21
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2027₹ 854.89₹ 879.56
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2028₹ 1025.66₹ 1049.36
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2029₹ 1289.46₹ 1372.29
Ashapura Minechem share price target 2030₹ 1479.22₹ 1536.22

Financial Details of Ashapura Minechem

Market Cap₹ 3315 Cr.
Current Price₹ 362
High / Low₹ 483 / 96.6
ROCE16.3 %
ROE19.0 %
Profit after tax₹ 220 Cr.
Price to Earning15.1
Debt₹ 786 Cr.
Sales growth103 %
Profit growth170 %
Industry PE19.0 %
Return over 1 year236 %

ASHAPURMIN is a mid cap company worth Rs 3315 crores with its current price being around Rs 362. It reached an all-time high of Rs 483 while experiencing its 52 week low of 96.6 in .

P/E Ratio for this stock stands at 15.7, lower than industry P/E of 19.5, suggesting it may be slightly undervalued. Furthermore, both ROCE and ROE of 16.3% indicate strong returns for investors’ capital as well as equity shareholders’ equity respectively.

Over the last twelve months, this company earned an operating profit after tax of Rs 220 crores.

Looking at its debt, too, the company stands out in excellence. Although its outstanding debt stands at Rs 786 crores, its debt to equity ratio of 0.97 indicates its ability to pay it off comfortably.

Sales at Ashapura company have seen year-to-date growth of 103% and profits have experienced exponential expansion, creating great news for its current investors.

Overall Ashapura Minechem is an extremely financially robust company with low debt levels and great returns, showing sustained profitability growth of 38% during its past five-year operating history.

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Ashapura Minechem share price target 2024

Over the last twelve months, equity per share increased to Rs 28.2, according to Ashapura most recent quarterly results. Profit and margin increases have steadily been occurring for two years; value per share also continues its steady climb upwards; stock price once again approaches 52 week high levels.

Ashapura Minechem stock shares are projected to achieve a price target between Rs 455.10 and Rs 487.25 per share by 2024 as per our projection model.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2024₹ 455.10₹ 487.25

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2025

Ashapura Minechem currently generates 26.6% of their revenues from Bentonite sales, 17.06% from Bauxite sales, 17.69% from Calcined China clay sales and 11.36% from Ground Calcium Carbonate sales respectively – these products continue to show solid sales performance despite tough competition! – and an incredible growth rate attained. 

The company continues to find new clients while simultaneously expanding exports. It shows their products are in great demand by both existing clients as well as adding more with every passing day!

At its current rate of expansion, Ashapura Minechem shares are anticipated to reach their targeted value of Rs 587.22 in 2025.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2025₹ 587.22₹ 603.23

Ashapura Minechem share price target for 2026.

Ashapura Minechem Ltd recently made an acquisition of 6,63,690 equity shares of Shantilal Multiport Infrastructure private Ltd at Rs 10 each, thus becoming an associated company of this firm.

We believe the Ashapura Minechem Ltd share price target will reach Rs 720.14 by 2026.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2026₹ 720.14₹ 736.21

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2027

Ashapura is setting up its operations in Oman and Guinea to reduce the export costs. This company has developed a pilot facility capable of accommodating 200 kg of Bleaching Earth experiments and can offer minor polymer processing tasks at their Pilot Plant.

The expected share price target for Ashapura Minechem Ltd in 2027 is Rs 854.89 .

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2027 854.89 879.56

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2028

Ashapura Minechem has signed contracts with two chinese companies SPIC and Tai He Mining to supply 24 MTPA bauxite and 10 MTPA iron ore from Guinea over 5 years. This will increase the company’s profits in the long term. That is why we expect Ashapura Minechem share price to reach a target of Rs 1025.66 by the end of 2028.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2028 1025.66 1049.36

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2029

Ashapura sales have seen significant gains over the last 12 months and 76% year over year growth, and their stock price increased 236% year-to-date; moreover, their profit increased 170% year-to-date, which speaks volumes about Ashapura success both operationally and with respect to investor returns. All this indicates a company performing exceptionally well both operationally as well as economically for all involved stakeholders.

Assuming Ashapura Minechem continues its current pace of profitability and sales growth while offering returns to investors at similar levels to what was achieved over the last 5 years, by 2029 their share price target should reach Rs 1289.46 per share.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2029 1289.46 1372.29

Ashapura Minechem share price target 2030

Right now Ashapura Minechem Ltd stock is trading at 4.13 times its book value. The promoters have also pledged 30% of their holdings. The stock price is due for some correction in coming years but it should bounce back up from there. 

Ashapura is a fundamentally and technically strong company. It is a great buy for the long term investors. 

As per our algorithms and analysis Ashapura Minechem Ltd share price target will reach levels of Rs 1479.22 to Rs 1536.22 by the end of 2030.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target
2030 1479.22 1536.22

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Profit and loss analysis of Ashapura Minechem Ltd

Consolidated Figures in Rs. Crores

Profit and lossMar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023TTM
Sales 6223341,1481,2781,8312,981
Expenses 6263801,0261,1761,6532,724
Operating Profit-4-45122102178257
OPM %-1%-14%11%8%10%9%
Other Income +-26548793112102123
Profit before tax-32238211098139230
Tax %-2%-0%21%12%21%
Net Profit +-3273838787110254
EPS in Rs-38.0544.5710.069.4612.7928.26

If you want to invest in a company which will multiply your money and in which you can stay invested for a long time, then Ashapura Minechem Ltd is the right company for you. 

The reasons why you should invest in a company are known from the profit and loss statement of the company. Let us take a look at the profits of Ashapura Minechem Ltd.

For this analysis we will study the profit and loss statement of the last 5 years of the company.


First of all let’s talk about sales. Ashapura Minechem used to make annual sales of only ₹ 622 crore till March 2019, which the company has continuously increased to ₹ 2981 crore in the last 12 months. As we have talked about earlier, the company’s sales have grown at the rate of 76% annually in the last 3 years.


Now let us talk about the expenses of the company which are increasing along with the sales. The company had reported expenses of ₹626 crore in 2019, which have reached ₹2724 crore in the last 12 months with the increase in sales. 

Although at that time the company’s expenses were more than sales, today the company’s expenses are less. The reason for decrease in expenses is reduction in material cost which used to be above 40% and now it is only 25.22%.

Net profit

If we minus the other income, interest payable and depreciation, the net profit for the trailing twelve months comes to ₹254 crores. This is a huge jump in profit from ₹110 crores in March 2023. 

In summary, Ashapura Minechem is performing really well in terms of sales, expenses and net profit. These are all the features investors look for in a company. 

Shareholding of Ashapura Minechem Ltd

Numbers in percentages

ShareholderMar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Dec 2023
Promoters 39.78%41.42%44.58%45.33%45.33%
FIIs 23.77%22.93%20.60%16.99%17.56%
DIIs 0.16%0.15%0.14%0.14%0.18%
Public 36.29%35.49%34.68%37.53%36.92%
No. of Shareholders21,65422,37523,66726,21431,091

If we pay attention to the shareholding pattern of Ashapura Minechem, it shows that there have not been much changes in the company.


Promoters’ share is stable at 45.33% since last year. Although 30% promoters’ shareholding is pledged, there is no change in promoter shareholding which is a proof that the promoters have full faith in the company and the company is moving on the right path.

Foreign institutional investors

Now let us talk about foreign institutional investors, they have 17.56% stake in the company. This stake was 23.98% in March 2019. The presence of FIIs is a very good thing for investors because there are many investors who definitely check the presence of FIIs before investing in any stock.

Domestic institutional investors

Domestic institutional investors have not shown much interest in the company and their share in the company is only 0.18% which is nominal. Domestic investors either did not get stake in the company or they see some problems in the company which is not good for the future of the company.


Public shareholding is also almost stable and there have been only minor changes in it. Currently public shareholding is 36.92%.


In this post we discussed Ashapura Minechem share price target 2025, 2030. As per our analysis Ashapura Minechem is a company with strong fundamentals and financials. The company is profitable and is giving excellent returns to the investors. The sales are also rising every year. If they follow the current growth trajectory , the company will make excellent returns in the future as well.

Ashapura has already cut down the expenses but it would be great if the company manages to reduce the expenses further and improve profit margins. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell the stock. We suggest you do your own research before investing.

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