Windlas Biotech share price target 2025, 2030

Windlas Biotech share price target 2025, 2030: Hello and welcome to our website and hope all of you are well. Today we will discuss windlas biotech Ltd which is one of the top five pharmaceutical CDMO(contract development and manufacturing organisation) companies in India. 

That means Windlas Biotech manufactures medicines for other companies so that they don’t have to invest more capital to buy manufacturing machines. Windlas Biotech is a small cap pharmaceutical company with a market cap of only ₹998 cr.

About CompanyParticulars
Company NameWindlas Biotech Limited
BSE share code543329
NSE share codeWINDLAS
SectorGeneric Medicines
HeadquartersDehradun (Uttarakhand)
Foundation Year2001
Key PersonVivek Dhariwal (Chairman)
Market Cap1003 Crores INR
52 Week high INR 544
52 Week Low INR 220.55
ROE10.5 %
Official WebsiteWindlas Biotech Website

Windlas Biotech’s revenue streams

Windlas Biotech earns it revenue from 3 major verticals.

In this vertical Windlas Biotech provides infrastructure, expertise and resources to major pharma companies which includes creating formulations, manufacturing and distribution of medicines. Famous pharma brands then sell these medicines under their brand name. CDMO accounts for 81% revenue of the company.

Windlas Biotech also makes generic drugs for which patents have expired and that are used as a substitute for branded and expensive drugs. 13% of Windlas Biotech sales comes from this vertical.

Windlas Biotech also manufactures medicines for semi-regulated international pharma markets and some regulated markets. The company develops products for foreign companies and then obtains authorizations for foreign companies to sell their product. 4% share of the company caters to the exports market.

Manufacturing facilities

Windlas Biotech Ltd has four plants, all located in Dehradun. All four plants have an aggregate installed capacity of 706 crore tablets/capsules, 5.4 crore sachets, and 6.10 crore liquid bottles.

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Windlas Biotech share price target table

In this article, we will analyse Windlas Biotech’s revenue, net profit, ratios, and other financials to conclude what will be the Windlas Biotech Organics share price target for 2025 to 2030.

If you do not want to go through our research and stock analysis, then you can refer to the table below for Windlas Biotech share price targets.

Windlas Biotech share price target 2025

Windlas Biotech share price target 1st2nd

Windlas Biotech is trying to expand into Injectable business that would result in better returns for the long term investors. There is high margin in the injectables business which will boost the company’s net profits.

The company has already set up the manufacturing equipment for injectables and is ready to scale up production without much delay. Dehradun plant-2 of Windlas Biotech is ready to increase production to meet the growing demand of its products through the Brown Field Project.

The company is also making a new plant for ampoules, vials and lyophilized vials to foray into injectables business. 

The share price target of Windlas Biotech in 2025 is going to be Rs 954. 

Windlas Biotech share price target 2030

Windlas Biotech share price target 1st2nd

In the last few years the rise in diseases is alarming but at the same time it presents growth opportunities for companies like Windlas Biotech that manufacture generic drugs because the majority of the Indian population cannot afford the branded expensive medicines. That is why Windlas Biotech is working on new drug delivery systems and new therapeutic areas for injectables. 

The demand for Windlas Biotech products will only rise in future and this small cap company could become a major player in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals in no time.

According to our analysis, the share price target of Windlas Biotech by the end of 2030 would be Rs 2041.

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Analysis of Windlas Biotech’s financial ratios

Market Cap₹ 1003 Cr.
Current Price₹ 483
High / Low₹ 1,261 / 520
Stock P/E21.5
Book Value₹ 200
Dividend Yield0.16 %
ROCE14.1 %
ROE10.5 %
Face Value₹ 5.0
Profit after tax₹ 46.7 Cr.
Dividend yield0.82 %
Return on assets8.23 %
Debt to equity0.02
EPS₹ 22.2
Debt₹ 6.31 Cr.
Promoter holding62.8 %
Sales growth13.3 %
Profit growth3.64 %
Change in Prom Hold0.00 %
Industry PE32.2
Return over 1 year104 %

Windlas Biotech’s financial ratios are promising. Currently the share price is Rs 493. Let’s discuss all the ratios one by one.

P/E ratio of Windlas Biotech stands at 21.9 which is lower than the industry P/E of 32.0 and that suggests that the stock is undervalued and could be a good buy right now. 

The return on capital employed of Windlas Biotech is 14.1% and return on equity is 10.5%. Both the indicators of profitability are showing good use of the capital and investors equity.

Ideal Debt-to-Equity ratio of any company is considered to be less than 1 and for Windlas Biotech it is only 0.02 which shows that the company does not have much debt to pay and is using equity to acquire money for its growth.

The sales growth of Windlas Biotech is excellent 13.3% but the profit growth does not complement the sales trends. The profit growth rate is only 3.64%, hence there is room for improvement.

Windlas Biotech has given impressive returns of 98.7% in the last one year but the return data over the last 3 and 5 years is missing. 

Overall Windlas Biotech’s financial ratios suggest that the company is performing really well. However, we would suggest you do your own research and analysis of the company to decide whether to invest in the company or not.

Annual profit and loss analysis of Windlas Biotech Limited

Consolidated Figures in Rs. Crores

Profit & LossMar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023
Sales 352307329428466513
Expenses 313270295373414453
Operating Profit393834555260
OPM %11%12%10%13%11%12%
Other Income 4542-19710
Profit before tax207625224657
Tax %44%16%34%28%16%25%
Net Profit 116416163843
EPS in Rs20.0499.5525.2824.6917.4820.04
Dividend Payout %0%0%0%0%20%20%

Sales of Windlas Biotech have grown at a compounded rate of 8% in the last 5 years and at 13% in trailing twelve months which is a decent growth. 

The sales of the company in March 2019 was Rs 307 crores and in March 2023 it has grown to Rs 513 crore. However the expenses have risen along with the sales which were Rs 270 crores in March 2019 and Rs 453 crores in March 2023. 

Net profit in March 2019 was Rs 76 crores but then fell significantly in March 2020 to Rs 25 crores and since then it has been growing at a steady pace and in March 2023 the company reported a net profit of Rs 57 crores. 

The company has paid dividends to its investors in 2022 and 2023 at a rate of 20% which is a positive for the investors because before 2022 the company never paid any dividend.

Balance sheet analysis of Windlas Biotech

ParticularsMar 2018Mar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023Sep 2023
Equity Capital6666111010
Other Liabilities107731006590122148
Total Liabilities290298338296491529570
Fixed Assets8664709691109108
Other Assets128107152177327298263
Total Assets290298338296491529570

Let’s take a look at the balance sheet of Windlas Biotech and try to gauge the growth trends.

From the above table you can see that there is a slight decrease in the equity capital. In March 2022 the equity capital was 11 crores which dropped slightly to Rs 10 crores in March 2023 which means there was either a share buyback or capital restructuring.

The reserves of the company have grown from Rs 119 crores in March 2018 to Rs 406 crores in September 2023.

One more positive for the company is major reduction in borrowings from Rs 57 crores in March 2018 to Rs 6 crores in September 2023 which shows an improved leverage position.

Windlas Biotech has not spent a lot of money to increase the fixed assets from 86 crores to 108 crores from Mar 2018 to Sep 2023.

The Capital Work In Progress has increased dramatically because in March 2020 the CWIP was nil and in Sep 2023 it stands at 57 crores.

Overall the reduction in debt and increase in CWIP and fixed assets signals that the company is financially strong and the company has ample reserves as well.

Windlas Biotech share holding pattern

Shareholding PatternMar 2022Mar 2023Dec 2023
Promoters 59.95%62.37%62.82%
FIIs 3.40%1.32%1.35%
DIIs 9.83%11.61%11.71%
Public 26.82%24.68%24.11%
No. of Shareholders92,11579,23361,900

Promoters confidence in Windlas Biotech is increasing annually because in March 2022 the promoters held the majority of the shares i.e. 59.95% but they increased their holding to 62.82% by December 2023 which shows that promoters could be seeing growth opportunities in near future.

Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) may have found a better option to invest their money or they may have found a point of concern due to which they have reduced their shareholding from 3.40% in March 2022 to only 1.35% in December 2023. 

Domestic Institutional Investors (DIIs) have increased their shareholding from 9.83% in March 2022 to 11.71% in December 2023 which suggests that they are seeing future growth opportunities and have faith in the company’s management.

The public shareholding has declined slightly from 26.82% in March 2022 to 24.11% in December 2023 and this drop is probably what is taken by the DIIs. 

The number of shareholders dropped from 92,115 in March 2022 to 61,900 by December 2023 which could be due to consolidation of shares by few investors possibly leading to reduced volatility in the stock’s performance due to lesser retail trading.

Overall the increase in the promoters and DIIs shareholding suggests that the company’s fundamentals are strong and they believe in the management. However, decrease in FIIs shareholding and number of shareholders indicates that you should do thorough research before investing in the company. 


In this post we discussed the Windlas Biotech share price target 2025, 2030. To sum up the post, Windlas Biotech is an excellent buy because the company is one of the top five CDMO companies in pharma generic medicine sector.

The debt is very low. PE ratio of the company also suggests that the stock is undervalued and strong financials and new infrastructure suggests that the company will make better sales and profits in future. Windlas Biotech gets a thumbs up from us but we still recommend you do your own research before adding Windlas Biotech in your portfolio.

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