Digital Fixed Deposit launched by Bajaj Finserv | Low risk High returns

Fixed deposits have always been the first choice of Indians due to its guaranteed returns and safety aspect. Not everyone wants to invest in mutual funds or share markets due to the volatility and risk involved. That is why FD is an attractive option for people with low risk appetite. 

Considering this Indian mentality, Bajaj Finance Ltd has announced Digital fixed deposit (FD) with interest rates of up to 8.85%. These FD rates can only be availed when you book the FD via the App or Website.

This FD is available from January 2, 2024. The interest rates offered for the senior citizens are up to 8.85% and for people below the age of 60 years these rates max out at 8.60%.

You can avail these interest rates on fresh deposits up to Rs 5 crores for a tenure of 42 months. This FD is available exclusively on Bajaj finserv app and website. The company is trying to promote digital investments and make the investment convenient for the customers.

Bajaj Finance Digital FD

Tenure (months)At Maturity (p.a.)Monthly (p.a.)Quarterly (p.a.)Half Yearly (p.a.)Annual (p.a.)

Benefits of Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit

Attractive interest rates

Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposits Offer Attractive Interest Rates: With interest rates as high as 8.85% per annum, these deposits offer impressive interest rates that outshone those provided by traditional savings accounts and represent an opportunity to maximize savings potential.

Adaptable Term Options

Flexible Tenures: Bajaj Finance provides flexible tenures from 12-60 months that meet any short or long-term investment goal you might have. From short-term objectives to longer investment horizons, Bajaj has something perfect to meet all your investment goals!

Convenient Online Banking

Forget paperwork and branch visits – with Bajaj Finance Digital Fixed Deposit accounts you can open accounts easily and manage investments safely from home or work using Bajaj Finserv’s website and app from any location around the globe.

Special Benefits for Senior Citizens

Bajaj Finance recognizes the significance of financial security among its senior customers, offering an additional interest rate advantage of up to 0.25% per annum to ensure increased returns and greater financial protection in this demographic.


Bajaj finance FD has got AAA rating from agencies like CRISIL and ICRA which means that your investment is secure.

Regular Income

You can earn monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual interest rates through Bajaj finance digital FD. If you invest a large amount in this FD, you can earn regular income for yourself.


Bajaj Finance digital FD offers you great returns and safety of your money. The online deposit mode makes it convenient to start or stop your deposit from the comfort of your home. If you do not want to risk the money in mutual funds or share market you can definitely have a look at Bajaj Finance Digital FD.

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