Empower India Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030

Empower India Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030: Today, we will investigate Empower India Ltd.’s financial history from recent years, along with additional analyses. This will enable us to project its potential share price. Investors or those considering investing should carefully read these documents to make informed decisions when buying or selling shares at optimal values.

Empower India Ltd was founded in 1981 and mainly deals in IT products and peripherals. Empower India provides its services through 3 subsidiaries: Empower Bollywood, Empower Biz and Empower TradEX. 

This small-cap company, valued at merely 213 crores, debuted at 80 paise on April 4, 2005. It’s trading at 1.83 rupees right now, marking a modest increase of slightly over 200%. The all-time high the stock has achieved is Rs 11.21 on April 8, 2011.

About Empower India Ltd stock

About Empower IndiaParticulars
Company NameEmpower India Ltd.
BSE share code504351
Key PersonSumit Subhash Pawa (Chairman and Managing Director)
Market Cap212 Crores INR
52 Week HighRs 1.83
52 Week LowRs 0.15
Official WebsiteEmpower India Ltd.

Empower India share price target

Empower India share price target1st target (INR)2nd target (INR)
Empower India share price target 20243.103.30
Empower India share price target 20254.404.75
Empower India share price target 203010.8012.50

Empower India subsidiaries

Empower Bollywood

Empower Bollywood brings production houses, performers, and service providers together via different platforms like CINE Rank, CINE League, CINE Showcase, CINE Talent, CINE Business Pulse, CINE Leads, CINE Filter, etc. It keeps various artists’ profiles, performances, reviews, etc and coordinates with production houses.

Empower Biz

The Empower Biz app lets you keep visually appealing business cards handy to keep in touch even when your job, phone, or email changes. 

You can create different profiles with distinctive details and styles, pinpoint where you met on a map, and jot down notes on the back of the card. It allows you to save time by including your site links, social profiles, and contact info in your profile.

Empower TradEX

Empower TradEX is on a mission to revolutionize Indian ecommerce by providing an advanced digital marketplace. This platform enables connection and trade between manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, service providers, and consumers, whether they are businesses, individuals, or firms.

Empower India Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030

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Empower India Share Price Target 2024

Empower India Ltd.’s stock is really picking up speed, staying above the average prices for short, medium, and long periods. They’ve shown impressive earnings growth over the last year and even hit a new high in the past 52 weeks.

The company is smart with its cash, becoming more profitable over the past couple of years. Likewise, they’ve been great at turning their shareholder’s investment and company assets into more earnings, which has been on the up for two years now.

With more people streaming shows and shopping online, there’s a lot of excitement around Empower India Ltd.’s future. They’re also getting noticed for Empower TradeEX, their big push to revolutionize India’s e-commerce scene.

So far, the response has been fantastic. Everyone’s starting to see that being online isn’t just for the big players – smaller companies are diving in, too, and their numbers are growing every day.

We estimate that Empower India’s share price target for 2024 would be Rs 3.10, and the second target for 2024 would be Rs 3.30.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Empower India Share Price Target 2025

Empower India’s quarterly profits are jumping up along with better profit margins compared to last year. Plus, they’re not bogged down by debt and have been seeing more money coming in every three months for the last half a year.

The profits have been consistently rising too. They’re in a good place with cash flow, showing improvement for two years straight, and the yearly profits are on the rise similarly. The value of the company for each share is getting better each year, too.

That’s a big thumbs up for Empower India’s growth and future earnings. But it’s not all smooth sailing; with tech getting fancier, scams are on the rise. People are naturally a bit worried about going digital.

That’s why Empower India isn’t just about making sales – they know it’s super important to make customers feel safe and supported. They’ve built a rock-solid service with help available all day, every day, and a team that cares about making customers happy.

Considering all the factors, Empower India’s share price target for 2025 would be Rs 4.40, and the second target should be Rs 4.75.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

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Empower India Share Price Target 2030

Empower India has zero debt right now, which is great news. Lastly, the stock’s value has soared by over 20% in just a month, which is exciting to see.

Currently, the company is facing financial setbacks, yet the market for its IT and online services is set to grow significantly. Considering the impending importance of such services, we are optimistic about the company’s future.

With years of experience and an ongoing commitment to innovative projects, we are well-positioned to accelerate our progress and fulfil our ambitions.

This dedication not only promises a brighter future for the company but also offers the potential for substantial returns to our valued investors.

Our estimate for the Empower India shares price target for 2030 is Rs 10.80, and the second target is Rs 12.50.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

SWOT analysis

  • The company’s annual revenue increased to 9.76 Crore rupees, a massive spike of 53.29% over the previous year, dwarfing the industry’s average rise of just 21% during the same time.
  • Net profits for the quarter also skyrocketed, with a 1683.29% leap to 0.65 Crore rupees, while competitors in the industry only managed a 6% bump. 
  • Moreover, the company isn’t bogged down by debt; it’s got a Debt-to-Equity Ratio of 0, showing it funds its business through its own money, not loans.
  • The Interest Coverage Ratio is an outstanding 36.14, crushing the safe level of 1.5, meaning it earns way more than enough to handle its interest expenses easily. 
  • When talking about quarterly growth in revenue, the figures are just as striking: a 1343.42% jump to 9 crore rupees, blowing past the industry’s 8.12% increase.
  • In the stock market, the news is similarly upbeat—the company’s stock value climbed 1120%, a giant leap compared to the sector’s 108.585% over the year. 
  • When we look at the year’s net profit, there’s a 282% surge to 0.16 Crore rupees, leaving the industry’s 5% gain in the dust. Plus, the company stands on solid financial ground with zero promoter pledges, signalling there’s no risk of locked shares from those in charge.
  • The last fiscal year’s Return on Equity (ROE) fell below 10% at 0.05%, showing poor shareholder fund utilization for profits. The price-earnings ratio surpassed the industry’s average of 73.12 at 199.35.
  • Positive Breakout Third Resistance ( LTP > R3)
  • Highest Recovery from 52 Week Low
  • None

Shareholding of Empower India Limited

ShareholderShareholding %
Public         84.98

Promoters hold only 15.02% of Empower India shares, and the rest has remained with the public for a long time. Promoters have not increased their share and they have not pledged any.

The point of concern is that FIIsFII and DIIs are not interested in this company because both don’t own any shares. Foreign institutional investors are an indicator of a company’s health and potential growth potential. Their involvement can catapult it forward, while their hesitation to invest can raise red flags.

There is usually a reason why FIIs and DIIs don’t invest in a company or sell their share. The same goes for Domestic institutions. DII’s and FII’s usually have a team that keeps an eye on every company and if all looks good, they immediately buy some of the shares.

General public ownership of shares stands at 84.98%. Unfortunately, given its average performance and recent decreases in value, investors likely haven’t received what they were hoping from their investment. With so many shares held publicly, any negative news or even minor price drops leading to panicked selling by many shareholders could lead to significant falls in share value.

Empower India’s Revenue and Net profit trends

Financial YearRevenue (INR Cr.)Net profit (INR Cr.)

Empower India Limited posted annual revenue of Rs 1 crore for 2019, then experienced two years with zero revenue before recovering to reach Rs 6 crore by 2022 and eventually Rs 9 crore in 2023.

Unfortunately, their net profits (which signal the health of any organization) weren’t good. They posted zero net profit for 2019 before suffering losses in the subsequent years despite finally breaking even in 2023, so keeping away from Empower India Limited may be wise, given there simply isn’t enough financial success here to warrant investment in the company.

Empower India stock price changes since last year

DateStock Price in Rs.
31 March 20230.31
30 June 20230.52
31 August 20230.77
31 October 20231.10
29 December 20231.60
11 Jan   2023    1.86

At first glance, it appears that stock prices have been steadily climbing over the last year, showing consistent and steady growth. Reassuringly, company owners have not pledged their shares as security for borrowing – a promising sign. But as expected with penny shares, they aren’t showing explosive gains like you might expect with penny stocks, although their long-term prospects seem promising.

If you are thinking of investing now in this stock, we advise against it and instead advise selling off shares and looking for opportunities with more potential returns; its slow upward trend may not last much longer due to signs pointing toward its inevitable decline.

Empower India Competitors: A Concise Analysis


A global leader in technology services, Infosys is renowned for its digital transformation strategies. Their innovative solutions consistently disrupt the IT sector, posing significant competition to Empower India.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

TCS stands tall as a titan of IT consulting and outsourcing. Their deep-industry knowledge and global reach provide robust, scalable solutions challenging Empower India’s market presence.

HCL Technologies

HCL takes a dynamic approach to product engineering and R&D services. With their aggressive growth strategies, they represent a formidable contender in the same league as Empower India.

Tech Mahindra

Specializing in digital transformation, Tech Mahindra offers comprehensive suites of services. Their customer-centric outlook and agile methodologies ensure they remain a tough adversary for Empower India.


We’ve carefully reviewed the company’s most important documents and observed a variety of signs that investing your money in this company isn’t the best decision. In the same way, a few indicators suggest the company could prove to be profitable in the future.

When we look at the negatives, the company’s past five years reveal a troubling trend: despite claiming profits, it hasn’t repaid any money to investors and has been losing money for many years. In addition, substantial Indian and foreign investors haven’t invested a dime into this company and raise doubts regarding its future.

But there’s no negative news. The company’s assets have experienced some growth, suggesting that it is developing new projects that may yield. Because the field it works in is expected to experience a rise in demand, If the company is able to roll up innovative and necessary IT projects, it may be able to see rapid growth within the next few years. But, given the current market conditions, it’s advisable not to make a huge investment. It’s to be a penny stock.

Therefore, it’s better to invest the amount you’re comfortable losing and balance the possibility of both loss and profit.

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