Biogen Pharmachem Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030

Biogen Pharmachem Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030: Biogen Pharmachem Industries Ltd was previously known as Sun Techno and has been an Indian firm engaged in trading shares and securities on both current and future markets since 1995.

On March 24th, 2021, it changed its name to Biogen Pharmachem Industries Ltd, with an increased market capitalization now taking effect.

Don’t let the name mislead you; despite what it suggests, the company isn’t in the pharmaceutical field. It’s actually a modest-sized trading business. Remember this moving forward.

We will discuss its share price performance over the last year by looking closely at revenue, net profit, key business milestones, projected future trajectories for their shares, as well as realistic expectations regarding growth on the stock exchange.

Before putting your money into Biogen Pharma Chemical Industry Limited or considering occasional trading, take a moment to read this article till the end.

Biogen Pharmachem share price target

Biogen Pharmachem share price Target1st target (INR)2nd target (INR)
Biogen Pharmachem share price Target 20241.952.05
Biogen Pharmachem share price Target 20252.452.60
Biogen Pharmachem share price Target 20304.754.95

About Biogen Pharmachem

About Biogen PharmachemParticulars
Company NameBiogen Pharmachem Industries Ltd.
BSE share code531752
HeadquartersRajkot (Gujarat)
Key PersonNiraj Vaghela (WholeTime Director & CFO)
Market Cap111 Crores INR
52 Week HighRs 1.85
52 Week LowRs 0.53
Official WebsiteBiogen Pharmachem Website

Biogen Pharmachem share price target 2024

First off, let’s talk about this company. It’s important to note that it has a market capitalization of 111 crores. A significant point in its favor is that it carries zero debt.

However, when you examine the promoter’s shareholding or look at the returns it generates, like Return on Equity (ROE) of 0.83% or Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) of -0.37 %, they’re hardly impressive.

The company’s Price-to-earnings (PE) ratio of 86.5 is also considered quite high, which could be better. We generally look for a P/E ratio between 15 and 35 to label a stock as sound, and this company doesn’t fit that bill.

On the positive side, the stock price soared by 101.23% in the past year, vaulting past its sector by 72%.

Biogen Pharmachem stands financially sturdy with no debt, hence a debt-to-equity ratio of zero.

Its sales growth has dipped by an entire 100%, signaling trouble. Although the profit has surged by 5396%, the company’s operational efficiency doesn’t stand out as particularly noteworthy.

In our estimate, the share price of Biogen Pharmachem will crash multiple times in the year 2024. We expect that Biogen Pharmachem’s share price target for 2024 will be Rs 1.95.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

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Biogen Pharmachem share price target 2025

This business currently holds position number 2683 within the NSC and BSE, but its spot frequently shifts. Market fluctuations trigger these changes.

A glance at their quarterly performance reveals impressive outcomes, with robust revenue and profit margins every three months.

Additionally, their financial stability shows through their balance sheet, with assets remaining steady—not soaring or dipping dramatically.

The company’s Price to Earnings Ratio is significantly lower at 86.38 compared to its sector’s average of 113.95.

Biogen pharmachem also saw a substantial jump in annual net profit, up by a huge 5402.68% to reach ₹0.46 crores, surpassing its sector’s average growth of 45.02%.

Even better, the company is trimming down its debts, a positive sign for fiscal health. However, when you stack it up against rival firms, it needs to measure up.

What’s remarkable is that the company’s cash flow is positive. In fiscal year 2023, it brought in roughly 1.7 crore rupees. Unfortunately, this cash flow isn’t from usual operations but from other income streams.

We do not expect drastic changes in the share price because there are no promoters, no FII, and no DII, which means there are only public investment and major retail investors that manipulate Biogen Pharmachem share prices.

We are hoping for a small increase, and Biogen Pharmachem, share price target 2025 should be around Rs 2.45.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Biogen Pharmachem share price target 2030

Let’s take a glance at the competition; giants like PFC, IRFC, and REC – dominate the NBFC sector, leaving our Biogen Pharmachem trailing without much market value.

Biogen Pharmachem’s annual revenue dropped significantly to just 0.91 crore rupees. This was a decrease of 63.21% compared to the previous year. When we look at our industry, the average income increased by 25.91% over the last fiscal year.

However, Biogen pharmachem’s Return on Equity (ROE) last year was only 0.83%, falling short of the 10% mark. This number tells us the company needs to make the most out of our investors’ money to earn profits. 

The company’s quarterly net earnings also went down by 62.99% year-on-year, leaving them at Rs 72 lakhs.

Currently, the company isn’t involved in any business activities. Biogen Pharma finds itself in a tight spot without enough working capital. The company’s leadership team is actively searching for the right chance to get the operations going again. In the meantime, they’re cutting costs wherever they can. 

So, here’s a tip: when you’re investing, be very cautious – aim for real value and snap it up at a fair price. If you are buying an overvalued stock, then try to ensure that the stock is a leading company in that sector; only then will you be in profit.

We think that the Biogen pharmachem share price target in 2030 should be around Rs 4.75.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

SWOT analysis

  • Biogen Pharmachems is really thriving! Their stock prices are soaring past averages, short and long-term alike.
  • It’s heartwarming to see their earnings per share grow each year.
  • They’re making smart choices with their capital, which is showing a better return on capital employed over the past couple of years.
  • They’re also respecting their investors by delivering higher returns on equity – it’s been getting better annually for two years now. Plus, their asset management skills are spot on, leading to an improved return on assets.
  • Remarkably, they’ve been debt-free, and their quarterly profits have been consistently on the rise for two straight quarters.
  • Lastly, their annual net earnings have seen a boost for two consecutive years, and their stock has happily jumped over 20% in just a month.
  • Company struggling to produce enough cash.
  • Strong rebound from the 52-week low. 
  • RSI shows solid price momentum.
  • None

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How retail investors are manipulating Biogen Pharmachem’s share prices

The company’s owners don’t have any shares. To avoid getting stuck in a pitfall, be careful not to purchase shares when prices are high. If you buy when the price is low, you’re setting yourself up for lifelong gains. However, deciding when to sell is crucial.

Aim to book your profits when the price hits around Rs 1.80 and consider buying shares when they’re closer to Rs 0.60.

Let’s chat about the pattern of bulk deals we’ve noticed. In January, significant transactions were happening on two different days, which led to a similar uptick in the stock’s performance, mirroring what we observed in December. Looking a bit further back, the same trend appeared in June and even earlier in March.

It seems to have started in March, popped up again in June, and continued through December and into January of 2024, highlighting a consistent pattern of bulk deals.

The same story unfolds when you glance at the chart. In March, following a bulk deal, the stock’s price rose. The same climb occurred in June and December after bulk deals, and yet again in January, the stock climbed.

This suggests that large retail investors are really setting the pace for the company.

We’re seeing these investors engage in what looks like a pump-and-dump strategy – inflating stock prices before selling them off.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen. Just bear in mind that this stock is good for taking profits. It goes through long periods of being stable, but once it hits a solid base of consolidation, it tends to yield significant returns.


In the end, we advise you to keep your interests in mind and not get too emotionally attached to any single stock. Take Biogen Pharmachem, for example; its only investors are individual people rather than large foreign institutions who expect huge gains.

Market players could cause their value to skyrocket, but not due to company performance; therefore, it is wiser to secure profits before market manipulators do – greed is no good when investing this way. Being smart about your investments matters most!

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