Ajooni Biotech share price target 2025, 2030

Ajooni Biotech share price target 2025, 2030: Hello friends, today in this article we will discuss another penny stock that has the potential to give you great returns. We are talking about Ajooni Biotech Limited. 

Ajooni Biotech was established in the year 2010. The company manufactures cattle feed and supplements.

Ajooni Biotech overview

Ajooni Biotech Limited specializes in animal healthcare, specifically manufacturing, marketing and selling feed supplements designed to boost livestock health and productivity. Through research and development Ajooni aims to offer creative solutions which meet modern animal husbandry’s varied demands.  

The company manufactures a variety of animal feed such as cattle feed, cattle feed chips, camel feed, cotton oil cake, mustard oil cake, and a wide range of feed supplements. 

Ajooni Biotech frequently conducts trials to find the effectiveness of their products. The company also customises its products according to various species, breeds, and age of the animal.

Ajooni Biotech also offers technical support to the farmers, veterinarians, and other professionals. The experts of the company advise farmers or animal owners about proper dosage and usage of the product.

About CompanyParticulars
Company NameAjooni Biotech Ltd.
BSE share codeNot listed on BSE
NSE share codeAJOONI
SectorCattle feed and supplements
HeadquartersMohali (Punjab)
Foundation Year2010
Key PersonJasjot Singh (Managing Director)
Market Cap₹ 58 Cr.
52 Week high ₹ 7.70
52 Week Low ₹ 3.05
Official WebsiteAjooni Biotech website

Ajooni Biotech share price target table

In this article, we will analyse Ajooni Biotech revenue, net profit, ratios, and other financials to conclude what will be the Ajooni Biotech share price target 2025, 2030.

If you do not want to go through our research and stock analysis, then you can refer to the table below for Ajooni Biotech share price targets.

Ajooni Biotech products

1. Cattle feed

The company sells Calf starter, heifer, dairy calf grower, low yield cattle, basic milking cattle, and high yield cattle under brand names viz. Diamond Wonder, Winner, Eco, Milk Booster, Heifer /grower, Nurture Calf Starter, Buff Power.

2. Feed supplements

Ajooni Biotech’s products include a range of feed supplements to improve the produce and vitality of livestock.

Probiotic Blends

Ajooni Biotech manufactures Probiotic blends to improve gut health and digestion of the animals. These blends consist of bacteria that helps absorb the nutrients better and strengthen the immune system. 

Vitamin and Mineral Premixes

These premises are developed to address vitamin and mineral deficiency in animals. One example of such a premix is AUTOVITA.

Immune Boosters

Animals easily get infected by pathogens. To improve the immune system of animals Ajooni Biotech manufactures a line of supplements like LIVTUS

Manufacturing facilities

Ajooni Biotech has 2 production facilities in Khanna with a supplement capacity of producing 1.60 Lac MTPA  Cattle Feed & Feed supplements and 1 unit in Saharanpur with a Feed Supplement Capacity of 30 Lakhs LPA.

Analysis of Ajooni Biotech financial ratios

Market Cap₹ 58 Cr.
Current Price₹ 6.65
High / Low₹ 7.70 / 3.05
ROCE6.01 %
ROE3.86 %
Profit after tax₹ 1.78 Cr.
Price to Earning32.7
Debt₹ 3.09 Cr.
Sales growth89.4 %
Profit growth236 %
Industry PE35.7
Return over 1 year33.0 %

Let’s examine some financial ratios of Ajooni Biotech to understand its effectiveness of operations.

Our first stop will be their Market Cap, currently standing at Rs 58.3 Cr, making it a micro cap company; share price at the time of writing was also Rs 6.65 each.

Price-Earnings Ratio (P/E) of 32.7 and Industry P/E of 35.7 indicate that this stock may be slightly undervalued compared to peers in its industry. P/B Ratio (1.42) meets industry benchmark standards.

ROCE of 6.01% and ROE of 3.86% indicate average returns. This shows that the company is not earning high returns which might concern the long term investors. This also means that there is room for improvement in terms of operational efficiency.

The Debt-to-Equity ratio of 0.08 is very good and the company has only ₹ 3.09 Cr in Debt. 

Sales Growth of 89% over one year is an impressive indicator of potential for expansion as rising product demand could lead to increased market shares over time.

Overall the financial ratios are neither too good nor too bad and the company needs to improve its ROCE and ROE.

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Annual profit and loss analysis of Ajooni Biotech

Profit & LossMar 2019Mar 2020Mar 2021Mar 2022Mar 2023TTM
Sales 4040517474102
Expenses 3939497172100
Operating Profit112332
OPM %2%3%3%4%4%2%
Other Income 000002
Profit before tax000122
Tax %15%29%26%28%28%
Net Profit 000112
EPS in Rs0.
Figures in Rs. Crores

We will analyse the profit and loss of Ajooni Biotech based on the data from March 2019 to Trailing twelve months. Ajooni Biotech has shown amazing growth in this period.


When we check how well a business is operating, the first thing we usually check is the sales of the company. Ajooni Biotech’s sales numbers have been rising consistently since the last 5 years. 

Company’s sales were only 40 crore in March 2019 which has risen to Rs 102 crore in Trailing twelve months

Operating profit margins

The sales have been good but the same cannot be said about the operating profit margin which peaked in March 2021 at 4% and in the TTM it has dipped to only 2%.

As the sales doubled, the operating profit of the company has tripled from 1 crore to Rs 3 crore. However the company needs to cut down on raw material costs and marketing expenses to increase the operating profit even more.

Net profit

The company was not profitable till March 2021. In March 2022 the company reported its first annual net profit of Rs 1 crore which increased to 2 crores in March 2023. The investors will be even more attracted by the increase in EPS from Rs 0.04 in March 2019 to Rs 0.21 in the TTM.


To summarise, the sales of Ajooni Biotech is increasing at a great pace but the company needs to cut down the expenses to remain profitable.

Balance sheet comparison of Ajooni Biotech

Figures in Rs. Crores

Balance SheetMar 2022Mar 2023
Equity Capital1018
Borrowings 55
Other Liabilities 712
Total Liabilities2959
Fixed Assets 66
Other Assets 2248
Total Assets2959

In this segment we will compare the company’s Balance sheet of March 2022 with March 2023 to measure the improvement or decline in equity capital, reserves, total liabilities and total assets etc. 

Equity capital and reserves

The company has likely issued additional shares because the equity capital has increased from  ₹10 Crore to ₹18 Crore. Another positive is that the company’s reserves have also increased from ₹6 Crore to ₹24 Crore. More reserves mean a better financial position.


Ajooni Biotech has not taken additional debt because the borrowings have remained stable at ₹5 Crore which also reflects in Debt-to-Equity ratio. However, other liabilities have increased from ₹7 Crore to ₹12 Crore probably due to increased payables or other financial obligations.

Total liabilities

The total liabilities have doubled from ₹29 Crore to ₹59 Crore due to increase in other liabilities and reserves.

Fixed assets

The company has not purchased any additional fixed assets which is why the fixed assets have remained constant at ₹6 Crore. Capital Work in Progress (CWIP) has emerged on the balance sheet, indicating ongoing investment in property, plant, or equipment that is not yet operational.

Overall the total assets match the total liabilities at ₹59 Crore. The increase in equity capital and reserves shows that the company is ready to expand and grow in future.

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Shareholding of Ajooni Biotech

Numbers in percentages

ShareholderMar 2022Mar 2023Dec 2023
Promoters 52.62%36.39%26.44%
FIIs 0.00%0.01%0.00%
DIIs 4.26%0.00%0.00%
Public 43.12%63.59%73.56%
No. of Shareholders4,94921,18730,933

Shareholding trends of a company give a great idea of how well the company is doing to retain its shareholders. Let’s have a look at Ajooni Biotech’s shareholding pattern between March 2022 to Dec 2023.


In March 2022 the promoter shareholding was 52.62% which dropped to 36.39% by March 2023 and then to 26.44% by December 2023. This is a consistent drop in promoters shareholding which shows that either promoters are losing interest or they are diluting their share for capital infusion.

FIIs and DIIs

Ajooni Biotech is not on the radar of Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) because their participation has been negligible in the company. Same goes for Domestic Institutional Investors who had 4.26% stake in the company in March 2022 but currently their participation is zero.


Public shareholding has been increasing every year. In March 2022 the public held only 43.12% share which rose to 63.59% in 2023 and then to 73.56% by December 2023. This surge in public shareholding indicates that either the interest of the retail investors is rising or the shares sold by promoters are captured by the public.

Ajooni Biotech share price target 2024

Ajooni Biotech share price target 1st2nd
2024₹ 8.45₹ 8.97

According to the sales and profit trends of Ajooni Biotech in the trailing twelve months, the company is performing very well and the same trend should continue by the end of 2024. That is why we conclude that Ajooni biotech share price target 2024 would be Rs 8.45.

Ajooni Biotech share price target 2025

Ajooni Biotech share price target 1st2nd
2025₹ 11.46₹ 12.23

Ajooni Biotech can currently produce 60000 MTPA animal feed and the company is in the process of expanding the capacity by another 100000 MTPA. This should double the company’s revenue.

The share price target for Ajooni Biotech in 2025 should be at least Rs 11.46.

Ajooni Biotech share price target 2030

Ajooni Biotech share price target 1st2nd
2030₹ 18.25₹ 19.55

Ajooni Biotech is situated at KHANNA which is the ASIA’s largest food grain market and cattle feed hub of India. The company has ample availability of Raw material at cheap price. That is why the company saves on the logistics cost as well. The demographic and first mover advantage will help Ajooni Biotech in the long run. That is why we estimate that Ajooni Biotech share price target would be Rs 18.25 by 2030.


In this post we discussed Ajooni Biotech share price target 2025, 2030. To conclude, Ajooni Biotech is a promising company with consistently rising sales. The company has been profitable for the last 2 years and the profits have been growing as well. 

Ajooni Biotech has given 33% returns in the last 1 year but in the last 3 years it has given negative returns of -4.85 % return and only 1.81 % return in the last 5 years. These returns are not very lucrative for investors. However, the company has recently become profitable and the rising sales and profit numbers should result in better returns in coming years. 

Remember, this is not a buy or sell recommendation but this penny stock gets a thumbs up from us. 

We strongly recommend you to do your own research before investing in any company. Thank you for reading till the end.

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