Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030

Evexia Lifecare Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2030: Hello friend, In this article, we will discuss Evexia Life Care Limited. The company was founded in the year 1990.

The company works in the sectors of Chemicals, Agricultural Produce and Other Consumer Goods, so there are many segments. 

Evexia Life Care Limited has many business verticals, such as edible oil, plastic granules, electric vehicles, lubricant production, Software Development, Pharma, Chemical Trading, etc. That means the company has dabbled in many verticals, which could be better.

Evexia Lifecare Share comes under the category of penny stocks priced at ₹2.32

This company only holds an approximate stock market valuation of Rs 154 crore, which makes it a small cap company. 

Brief overview of the Evexia Lifecare Limited’s company profile

About CompanyParticulars
Company NameEvexia Lifecare Ltd.
BSE share code524444
SectorChemicals, Aggriculture, Consumer goods
HeadquartersVadodra (GUJRAT)
Key PersonJayesh R Thakkar (Chairman and Managing Director)
Market Cap154 Crores INR
52 Week high INR 3.15
52 Week Low INR 1.30
Official WebsiteEvexia Lifecare website

Evexia Lifecare share price target table

In this article, we will analyze its revenue, net profit, ratios, and other financials to conclude what will be the Evexia Lifecare share price target for 2024, 2025 and 2030.

If you do not want to go through our research and stock analysis, then you can refer to the table below for share price targets.

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2024

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2024
Evexia Lifecare share price target 1st2nd

Evexia Lifecare Limited’s performance in recent years is a point of concern and does not promise any hope for investors. In order to find the share price target for Evexia Lifecare in 2024, we have analysed the financial stats of the company in detail later in this post.

The stock touched an all-time high of Rs 17 in 2021, and since then, it has been crashing; now, it is at the Rs 2.29 mark, which is not encouraging for current and future investors. 

Based on the Revenue, profit and stock price trends, our prediction for the Evexia Lifecare Limited share price target in 2024 is Rs 3.10 and second target is Rs 3.25.

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2025

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2025
Evexia Lifecare share price target 1st2nd

As an investor myself, I don’t particularly appreciate how the company has been operating in recent years. Evexia Lifecare Limited has a Piotroski score of 1, which is the lowest on the scorecard. Piotroski score of 1 is given to a company which has the worst financials. 

The company’s cash flow in 2023 was -1.07, which means that more cash is leaving the company than entering into the business. Usually, a negative cash flow is a sign of bad financial health, and low revenue or high expenditure could be the reason for it.

We are not very hopeful for the company in 2025. The prediction for Evexia Lifecare share price target in 2025 is Rs 4.49.

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2030

Evexia Lifecare share price target 2030
Evexia Lifecare share price target 1st2nd

Evexia lifecare ltd, has started manufacturing the electric vehicles in 2021 for which it has set up a manufacturing plant in Vadodara (Gujrat). EV’s are the future and the demand is set to rise. If the company can manufacture quality EV’s, their profits will improve and in the long run the share price will increase. 

Evexia lifecare ltd has also started trading in lubricant oils through a new division called Atreya Petrochem. 

We fed company’s old share price trends and performance stats in our machine learning program. Based on the results expected Evexia lifecare share price target for 2030 is between Rs 8.05 and Rs 8.65.

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Analysis of Evexia Lifecare’s performance in FY23 compared to FY22

Sales 75.5169.55
Expenses 73.1068.97
Operating Profit2.410.58
OPM %3.19%0.83%
Other Income 0.071.88
Profit before tax2.171.53
Tax %60.37%56.21%
Net Profit 0.860.67
EPS in Rs0.010.01
Dividend Payout %0.00%0.00%
Return on Equity (ROE)1.170.79

Last year, the company’s yearly revenue dipped by 5.49% down to 71.43 crore rupees, while the rest of the industry saw an average increase of 12.39%.

The company’s annual net profit also dropped by 22.66% to just 0.67 crore rupees, against an industry average gain of 11.82%.

Evexia Lifecare Limited made an annual revenue of Rs 69.55 crores in FY23, and their expenses were equally high at Rs 68.97 crores, which left them with a net profit of only Rs 67 lacs. Such a low net profit means that the company is not managing its expenses effectively. 

Let’s look at the Debt to Equity ratio, which is very high. Debt should be less than equity, but here, it is 8.45 times, which means the company has taken too many loans, which becomes a negative point. 

The company has taken loans of Rs 700 crores against the market value of only Rs 154 crores. So, it can collapse any time.

With a debt-to-equity ratio at 8.45, it is clear that the company relies heavily on loans rather than its assets.  

Moreover, the price-to-earning ratio stands at nil.

The return on equity (ROE) was a mere 0.79% for the previous financial year, signaling that the business isn’t effectively turning shareholder investment into profits.

The compound profit growth of the company has been negative (-42%) in the last 3 years, which is another point of concern.

For the old investors these performance metrics are a huge concern but therie money is stuck because many are already suffering from losses.

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Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis

  • Strong Momentum: Price above short, medium and long term moving averages
  • Evexia Lifecare is carrying a lot of debt and isnt using their investors’ money wisely as their ROE has dipped over the past two years.
  • They’re also struggling to make money from their assets, shown by a decrease in ROA for the same period.
  • There’s been a consistent drop in their net earnings along with shrinking profit margins each quarter.
  • When looking at year-over-year metrics, there’s a drop in net earnings and profit margins too.
  • Sales are down for the second quarter in a row, and they tend to have a low Piotroski Score, indicating poor financial health.
  • These companies can’t seem to maintain a positive cash flow. Over the past two years, their annual net income has been on the decline, and the value of each share is lessening.
  • There’s been a notable drop in net profit within the past year, and both quarterly revenue and net profits have fallen year-over-year.
  • Recent reports show a decrease in both operating profit margins and net profits compared to the previous year.
  • Evexia Lifecare share has a PE under 10 and a strong RSI signal.
  • Big shifts from gains to losses are warning signs.

Evexia Lifecare Limited shareholding trends

DatePromotersFIIsDIIsPublicNo. of Shareholders
Dec 202043.02%4.13%0.30%52.54%5,477
Mar 202143.02%4.24%0.30%52.44%5,791
Jun 202143.02%4.66%0.31%52.01%29,864
Sep 202143.02%4.58%0.30%52.10%47,439
Dec 202143.02%3.64%0.30%53.04%62,896
Mar 202243.02%1.47%0.31%55.20%1,00,353
Jun 202215.12%0.00%0.31%84.58%1,25,166
Sep 202213.00%0.00%0.31%86.70%1,27,293
Dec 202210.59%0.00%0.31%89.12%1,24,466
Mar 20239.87%6.79%0.28%83.08%1,20,874
Jun 20239.87%3.36%0.28%86.49%1,13,942
Sep 20239.87%3.36%0.28%86.48%1,17,029

Let’s now understand the shareholding of Evexia Lifecare Limited to have a better idea about where the company is heading and what do promoters, FIIs and DIIs feel about the company.

We will analyze the data from December 2020 to September 2023 using the table above.


In December 2020 the promoters had a huge share in the company at 43.02% but in March 2022 the promoters share fell to 15.12%. However, promoters kept losing the trust in the brand and reduced their share to only 9.87% by September 2023. This means that the promoters do not think that the company will survive for long and hence they are selling off their shares regularly.

Foreign Institutional Investors

In December 2020 the FII’s had a share of 4.13% which rose to 6.79% in March 2023 and decreased again in September 2023 to 3.36%.

Keeping in mind the company’s performance and financials, it is strange that FII’s still have a decent share in the company but be cautious. We do not suggest you invest your hard earned money based on only FII investment.

Domestic Institutional Investors

DIIs stake has remained relatively stable and negligible at around 0.30%. Looks like the domestic players do not have any interest in Evexia Lifecare Limited.


Public shareholding in December 2020 was 52.54% which has gone upto 86.48% in September 2023. Since penny stocks have the ability to multiply the returns by multiple folds in the short term, this could be the reason why the public is lured by a cheap stock like Evexia Lifecare Limited.

Number of Shareholders

The shareholder count has risen from 5477 in December 2020 to 117029 in September 2023 which means that more and more people find Evexia Lifecare investable. However, just an increase in shareholders does not mean the stock has excellent fundamentals. Do your research before making the investment move.

Final thoughts on Evexia Lifecare Limited’s market standing and future outlook

In this post we analysed Evexia Lifecare share price targets for 2024, 2025 and 2030 based on the recent years performances. To sum it up right now the company has no Price to Earnings Ratio (PE), which means it is unprofitable. ROCE is very low at 0.47, which means the company is losing more than half of the capital deployed. 

ROE is also very low, i.e., at 0.78, meaning the company cannot utilize shareholders’ money well. The company is buried under huge debt. If an adverse situation occurs and the company’s business is down, the company still has to repay the loan amount. That is where small companies get trapped.

Another red flag is that the promoters have reduced their stake by 33% in the last three years. If I am a company promoter and my company is doing well and everything is fine, I will never sell my shares. 

Whenever promoters sell their shares in such huge quantities, it is usually a sign of bad financial health. No one knows the company better than its promoters.

We recommend you stay away from such companies for the long term investments. However, we would not recommend Evexia Lifecare to the short term investors as well.

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