Gold line share price target 2024,2025,2030

Gold line share price target 2024,2025,2030 – As we look toward the horizon of 2025, investors are keenly eyeing the potential fortunes of Gold Line — a company that has made waves in its respective industry.

The question on everyone’s mind: what’s the share price target for Gold Line by 2025? While forecasting stock prices can often feel like alchemy, a mix of fundamental analysis and market trends lighting up the path, suggests a radiant future for Gold Line’s valuation.

Gold Line International Finvest Limited is a penny stock in the Indian share market right now. It is a small-cap company with a market cap of only 54 Crores.

The stock’s fundamentals are very good, but the company is currently running at a huge loss. It was listed at a price of Rs 40 and, after falling around 97%, is now at around Rs 1 mark.

Gold line is listed in Bombay stock exchange only (BSE).

About Gold LineParticulars
Company NameGold line international Finvest Limited
Share NameGold Line Intl
BSE symbol538180
HeadquartersNew Delhi
Key PersonPromod Panda ( Executive Director )
Market Cap53 Crores
52 Week HighRs 1.20
52 Week LowRs 0.43
Official WebsiteNo Website available

Gold line share price Target1st target (INR)2nd target (INR)
Gold Line Share Price Target 20241.701.90
Gold Line Share Price Target 20252.302.45
Gold Line Share Price Target 20262.803.00
Gold Line Share Price Target 20273.503.70
Gold Line Share Price Target 20284.104.70
Gold Line Share Price Target 20295.305.80
Gold Line Share Price Target 20306.507.00

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Overview of Gold Line International Finvest Limited

Gold Line International Finvest Limited was incorporated in 1992 as an investment company and since has experienced rapid organic growth through building an expansive financial consultancy network. Company’s stock was listed on BSE on 2nd May 2014.

Company’s primary business remains investments, but to reach global audiences they also provide investment advisory services both here in India and overseas for money market operations, treasury managements as well as acting as administrators of various investment trusts.

Taking account of growth requirements as well as opportunities that arise, company also deals in selling, buying and holding of shares, debentures, stock, bonds or units.

Gold line share price target 2024

This stock is trading at a price of Rs 1.15 with a rally of 4.54 percent. So, friends, very bullish trends are seen forming in this stock. Now, let us analyse its fundamentals.

If we look at its performance, the rally at 4.54 on the last day, this stock has now increased by 71 percent in one month, whereas multi-bagger returns of 139 percent have been made in three months.

In a way, the bullish momentum that is visible in this stock. This stock is breaking all its short-term resistance, and a breakout is visible here. Now let us look closer at its fundamental data; is there room for further rally?

Friends, penny stocks sometimes rise very rapidly in the short term. They generate good returns very quickly in a short time.

Sometimes, decline also occurs. Because these stocks run in circuits, when upper circuits are hit, these stocks are not available for purchase and when the lower circuit hits, it’s tough to sell the stock.

According to our analysis first Gold line share price target 2024 would be INR 1.70 and second target would be Rs 1.90.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Gold line share price target 2025

Now, its price-to-book ratio has become 1.07. This stock has again become expensive, above its fair value. Because the book value of the share is Rs 1.03. So, this stock is getting expensive now. As upper circuits are hit, this stock will become more costly than its fair value.

There is no PE multiple yet. The company is a debt-free company. Long-term fundamentals are not so supportive right now; the ROE percentage is 0.13%.

Friends, here we emphasize two points; firstly, its first resistance level, which was around 1.10, has been crossed. Secondly, it also struck its fair, which was 1.03. Both will show opposite trends.

Its long-term resistance is at 1.76, and the stock may try to break it too. So, you should focus on this stock in the next few days. For these penny stocks, clarity is very important.

These stocks rise very quickly and go into the overbought zone, and sometimes, they fall very quickly and go into the oversold zone.

Recently, this stock has gone into an overbought zone due to its trend, and everyone is trying to buy this stock. The rally might continue in the upcoming few days.

First Gold line share price target 2025 should be Rs 2.30 and second target expected is Rs 2.45.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Gold Line Share Price Target 2026

Due to poor management, there has been no increase in its price currently. By 2022, however, they had made total revenues of Rs 1.32 crore.

In 2023, there has been an evident decrease in assets belonging to this company as its focus remains firmly on cutting expenses to increase profitability.

Gold Line Share Price Target 2026 should aim for Rs 2.80 as its first goal and Rs 3.00 as the second target, though these may change based on Gold Line’s individual performance.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Gold line share price target for 2030

When we examine the cash flow, we’re noticing a steady yearly climb. Plus, the company is sitting on a solid cash cushion, ready to dive into new markets without a hitch.

Right now, the team is laser-focused on drawing in more clients. More customers mean a bigger business and a potential rise in stock value. Should this plan hit the mark, we’re looking at the company’s share price possibly doubling or even tripling by 2030.

We think the gold line share price target for 2030 should be Rs 6.50, and the second target should be Rs 7.00.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

  • This business is on an impressive growth path with steadily rising earnings per share (EPS), as evidenced by their increase in return on capital employed (RoCE) during recent years.
  • They understand how to utilize the money contributed by their owners efficiently, with an increasing return on equity (ROE). Furthermore, their smart management of assets results in more profits every year and increased return on assets (ROA).
  • Gold line company has more money in its bank each quarter with improved profit margins; their earnings per share growth over the trailing twelve month is impressive and consistent increases are taking place annually.
  • Recent returns show it transforming its capital efficiently into profits, evidenced by an upward trending return on capital employed.
  • Meanwhile, its use of investor money has shown in its steady increase of return on equity for two consecutive years.
  • Return on Assets has seen steady improvements during this period, and quarterly net profit and annual net profits continue to climb steadily with no debt and increasing margins every quarter and year.
  • It operates efficiently with minimal debt levels while experiencing steady annual net profits growth for two consecutive years.
  • The value of each share has been on an upward trend for the past two years. This is a company free of promoter pledge, signalling stable investment confidence. to boot.
  • The company failed to assign a secretary for the fiscal year 2020 and experienced delays in reporting to the Stock Exchange and the Registrar of Companies in 2021.
  • Their website isn’t operational, violating SEBI rules, and they haven’t paid the annual listing fees for the past two years.
  • Company has made a tremendous turnaround from loss to profit QoQ.
  • Gold line has made highest recovery from the 52 week low price.
  • RSI indicating price strength
  • None


In this article, we analyzed the gold line share price target from 2024-2030 and gave you expected marks. The company has not been performing well in the stock market since its listing.

However, recent performance and trends are bullish, and it is set to make new highs. If you are already invested, we recommend you to hold, and if you are not invested yet, we would suggest you not put in more than 2% of your portfolio in this share because it’s a small-cap company with a lot of volatility. .

Hope you liked our post. Thanks for reading till the end.

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