Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030

Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 : Hi everyone! Today in our post, we are diving deep into Mazagon Dock’s business, stock trends, and potential growth with an aim of projecting their share price targets well into 2030. Don’t miss these valuable insights!

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDSL), one of India’s major defence shipbuilding contractors under India’s Ministry of Defence, has quickly attracted investors’ interest. 

Boasting strong financials and solid orders at launch in 2020, its stock price skyrocketed quickly. 

Long-term investors now want to predict future stock values; to do this accurately requires considering economic data, industry developments, company growth projections as well as current market attitudes toward defence stocks.

Mazagon Dockyard Ship Builders Limited is an excellent investment. Let’s look at its business line: this company manufactures warship vessels as well as cargo and passenger ships.

Mazagaon Dock Shipbuilders Limited of Mumbai was originally founded as a dry dock in 1934, but since its expansion, it has become one of India’s premier shipbuilding yards. 

Services provided include ship design, building and repair. It is managed by the Ministry of Defence, with the government holding 84.83% ownership. 

It has completed more than 800 ships since 1960, including submersible submarines, warships, passenger/cargo ships, offshore platforms etc.

Shareholding of Mazagon Dock

Shareholding byShareholding %

Let’s consider the ownership structure of this company: India’s government holds 84.83% of shares; foreign institutional investors (FII) own 3.69 %, while Domestic institutional investors hold even less with only 0.39 % stakes.

The public owns only 11.10%, reflecting their minimal shareholding stake. This analysis shows that the company stands strong across various dimensions, such as fundamentals and financial strength.

Mazagon Dock share price Target1st target (INR)2nd target (INR)
Mazagon share price Target 202431253400
Mazagon share price Target 202545604800
Mazagon share price Target 202655275865
Mazagon share price Target 202765286745
Mazagon share price Target 202879568298
Mazagon share price Target 2029978110155
Mazagon share price Target 20301287513958

About the CompanyParticulars
Company NameMazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd.
BSE symbol543237
Key PersonSanjeev Singhal ( Chairman and Managing Director )
Market Cap45,866 Crores
52 Week HighRs 2,484.70
52 Week LowRs 612.00
Official WebsiteMazagon Website

Key points about Mazagon Dock’s work to date.

  1. Since its inception in 1960, Mazagon Dock has successfully completed 802 vessels, including 28 warships and seven submarines.
  2. It’s the only Indian shipyard that constructs both destroyers and conventional submarines for the Indian Navy.
  3. From 2017 to 2022, the company launched 5 submarines. Additionally, Mazagon Dock is at the forefront of constructing 4 Nilgiri-class stealth frigates.
  4. Acknowledged with a Mini Ratna title by the Department of Public Enterprises in 2006, the firm has considerably stepped up using local equipment, supporting the government’s Make in India initiative and cutting down the reliance on imports.
  5. Mazagon Dock also got a new patent by the Indian Patent office for a technology that allows propellers to be lined properly.

Key points about financials

  1. Revenue almost doubled since 2019 from Rs 4649 Cr to Rs 7827 Cr in 2023.
  2. Net profit has doubled from Rs 519 Cr in 2019 to Rs 1072 Cr in 2023.
  3. EPS has risen from 23.18 to 53.19 between 2019-2023.
  4. Debt to Equity is Nil.
  5. Public and DII holding has decreased.

Key Investment Highlights

Over 15 years of sustained profits, reliable dividend payout, no debt, prime location, robust backlog of orders, and successfully delivered 5 Scorpene submarines to the Indian Navy amid COVID-19 challenges and chip shortages.

Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2024

Based on a fundamental analysis of MAZAGON DOCK, it’s clear that MAZDOCK is a cost-efficient player in the earnings and profit scene, boasting an EPS of 62.22. As of now, its book value per share stands at 207.13, with a price-to-book ratio of 11.02 as of January 3, 2024.

Excluding September, we have witnessed consistent revenue in all previous quarters, with remarkable increases in net profits year on year. Annually, revenue has seen substantial gains as well.

The present worth of MAZDOCK shares is comparable to gold, suggesting that they may be too expensive at the moment. The decision to purchase hinges on the individual investor’s tolerance for risk and the risk-to-reward ratio for MAZDOCK.

The delivery rate, standing at 17.90%, is a key indicator reflecting the belief of these investors that MAZDOCK’s stock price should rise.

Last year was particularly successful; one reason may be that India’s government is so dedicated to its defence effort that any concession in defence must not occur; therefore, they have allocated a sizable budget.

According to our analysis, first Mazagon dock share price target for 2024 would be Rs 3125 and second target should be Rs 3400.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2025

Mazagon Dock market cap stands at approximately Rs 46000 crore, making them an attractive midcap option. The P/E ratio for this stock is 36.7; ROCE and ROE levels are both impressive – at 38 and 28, respectively.

The current price is Rs 2281 with a debt-to-equity ratio of zero, making this company virtually debt-free. Both current and quick ratios are at very impressive levels of 1.11 and 0.84, respectively. Looking at the financials, we have seen significant quarterly growth.

Since 2019, the company’s net income has soared from 470 crore to 1,046 crore in 2023, while the earnings per share for investors have increased from 23.75 to 55.48. Mazagon Dock’s steady receipt and punctual fulfilment of new contracts suggest that by continuing this pattern, the 2025 share price could reach approximately 4560 rupees.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2026

India is poised for growth with an optimistic outlook due to the government’s proactive stance towards Defence expansion.

Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL), in India’s defence shipbuilding industry, holds an advantage in winning big-ticket contracts from the Indian Navy for warships such as destroyers and submarines.

India currently operates 8 submarines as opposed to Russia and China’s large fleets, which boast up to 17 submarines. As we challenge China directly and are prepared to meet their challenges head-on, we need these resources from Mazagon dockyard.

There’s significant potential here as we anticipate the need for more submarines to match China’s growing prowess, ready to tackle all their strategic moves.

The Gujarat Government has even entered into an agreement where Mazagon Dockyard Ship Builders is tasked with constructing a submarine. I’ve put down a personal investment of 500,000 rupees, initially purchasing shares at 1,900 rupees each, which now stand at roughly 2,300 rupees.

Additional projects, frigate vessels and repairs should provide stable revenue growth over the next couple of years, particularly as work on P15B destroyers and P17A frigates ramp up with healthy profit margins in FY 2022-2025; this should result in compound annual earnings growth by at least 20.5% CAGR between FY 2022-2025.

Note, though, that any delays in awarding these contracts could threaten revenue growth from 2026-2027. We expect a Mazagon dock share price target of Rs 5527 at the end of 2026.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

Mazagon Dock Share Price Target 2030

Earlier, on December 10, the shipbuilder landed a contract from energy giant ONGC valued at 1,145 crore rupees for replacing part of their pipeline system. The job requires putting in around 444 km of underwater pipes across 19 stretches.

Mazagon Dock has recently signed a contract with Indian Coast Guards to build six Next-Generation Offshore Patrol Vessels, which led to a 3.5% hike in the company’s share price.

The initial ship will be handed over to the Ministry of Defense 41 months after the advance payment is issued, with the next ships following every five months. The company has not specified the payment’s release date.

On December 15, the company reported in a filing that it struck a $42 million agreement with a European customer to build three 7500 DWT eco-friendly hybrid ships. Roughly the same amount the deal is pegged at.

Prospects of future work at MDL come from orders for new generation destroyers and conventional submarines worth approximately Rs50000 crores and Rs43,000 crores, respectively.

They possess both the expertise and capacity needed for such major projects – their impressive backlog totalling Rs40.600 crore is already over five times what was generated last year, providing steady income streams over four years’ worth.

I make it a rule to limit my investment in any single stock to 5-10% of my entire portfolio. I plan to keep my stakes modest between 2030 and 2031. Given the company’s current trajectory and the expected growth in the industry, I’m looking for at least a tenfold return on my investment moving forward.

I recommend you hold and steadily increase your investment in Mazagon Dock share in the long term because it is getting huge and consistent orders. We are expecting a share price target of Rs. 12875 in 2030.

Target Year1st Target2nd Target

  • This stock has demonstrated positive performance as it continues to trade higher than its average prices over recent, midterm, and extended periods.
  • Earnings per share (EPS) have seen impressive increases over the past year and two, as evidenced by their increasing Return on Equity (ROE) for both periods.
  • They excel in using their assets to increase earnings, as evidenced by rising returns on assets (ROA).
  • There has been an upward trend in quarterly earnings with higher profit margins for years running now at our company.
  • This debt-free company has experienced increased annual net earnings over the last two years.
  • Value per share has also seen substantial appreciation since January 2009; no pledges against promoter shares exist.
  • Foreign institutional investors (FIIs) and other institutions are also increasing their stake in the company by purchasing additional shares of stock.
  • Mutual funds have decreased their shareholding in the previous quarter.
  • Highest Recovery from 52-Week Low
  • RSI indicates price strength.
  • None

Mazagon Dock’s competitors

Mazagon Dock’s dominance in defence shipbuilding is fiercely challenged by rival yards such as

Cochin Shipyard Ltd (CSL): Standing as India’s premier shipbuilding and maintenance facility, it boasts an impressive record for quality and efficiency. Located strategically on the country’s southwestern coast, CSL excels in crafting state-of-the-art vessels and pioneering maritime engineering solutions. Investors and partners can count on CSL for reliability and innovation in the maritime industry.

LT Shipbuilding Ltd (LTSB): stands at the forefront of marine innovation. With a heritage of engineering excellence and a commitment to sustainability, LTSB designs vessels that set industry benchmarks. At their state-of-the-art facilities, the fusion of technology and craftsmanship creates ships known for performance, safety, and environmental stewardship.

Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd (GRSE): GRSE stands at the forefront of Indian maritime prowess. With decades of experience in shipbuilding, their expertise extends to crafting an array of vessels, from frigates to amphibious warfare ships. As a strategic asset to India’s defence and a leader in engineering innovation, GRSE undoubtedly propels the nation to greater maritime heights.

Hindustan Shipyard Ltd (HSL): Positioned elegantly on India’s eastern seaboard, Hindustan Shipyard Limited in Visakhapatnam is a testament to engineering and maritime prowess. With a legacy of dockyard mastery, HSL specializes in shipbuilding, ship repairs, and submarine construction, reinforcing the nation’s naval defence capabilities and contributing to commercial marine needs with unyielding quality and reliability. This enduring shipyard symbolizes India’s self-reliance and industrial might on the global maritime map.

Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd (RNEL): is at the vanguard of India’s maritime sector resurgence. With cutting-edge infrastructure and expertise in warships and submarine manufacturing, RNEL stands as a testament to self-reliance, bolstering the nation’s defence capabilities and pushing the boundaries of naval engineering excellence.

Mazagon Dock continues its mission of sea defence with unfaltering resolve, drawing on both its history and mastery of maritime engineering to navigate into its future role.

Growth Opportunities for Mazagon Dock

Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited, India’s prime warship building facility, stands at the cusp of significant growth opportunities. Let’s explore the pivotal avenues that promise to elevate its stature and market presence.

Enhanced Defence Budget

The Indian government’s reinforced defence budget spells a lucrative era for Mazagon Dock. Increased allocations are likely to translate into a ramp-up in naval projects. As a major player, Mazagon Dock is poised to seize substantial contracts, thereby bolstering its production capabilities and financial fortitude. The upswing in budgetary provisions secures a stable and expanded workload, ensuring steady revenue growth.

Evolving Naval Ambitions

India’s expanding geopolitical influence and maritime security needs have birthed ambitious naval expansion plans. Mazagon Dock, with its skilled workforce and technical prowess, is aptly positioned to fulfil the rising demand for sophisticated warships and submarines. This evolution of the Indian Navy into a blue-water force can potentially be a windfall for the dock, championing it as a central figure in India’s naval modernization narrative.

Indigenization and Self-Reliance Efforts

The push towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ (self-reliant India) by the Indian government underscores indigenization in defence procurement. Mazagon Dock, already an established name in domestic production, gains the opportunity to deepen its integration with the defence sector. Capitalizing on this initiative, the dock can harness local innovation, reduce reliance on imports and carve a niche in producing indigenous, cutting-edge naval vessels.

Export Opportunities

Venturing beyond domestic borders, export opportunities stretch the horizon for Mazagon Dock. Emerging defence markets and India’s strategic partnerships offer a platform for the dock to showcase its expertise on an international stage. By exporting vessels and offering related services, Mazagon Dock can not only diversify its revenue streams but also solidify India’s reputation as a defence exporter of repute.

In conclusion, Mazagon Dock is strategically positioned to leverage these growth vectors. With buoyant defence spending, maritime strategy shifts, national self-reliance mandates, and global trade prospects, its trajectory is geared towards an unprecedented growth chapter in its chronicle.


Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDSL) has attracted investors with its strong financials and increasing share value since being founded in 2020. Closer inspection reveals they’re adept with money, earning more per share, and producing products efficiently at high rates of speed.

Although some might view their stock as too costly, its upward trends, rising earnings per share figures, and big-time investors indicate good health of this company. Future deals like those with the Indian Coast Guard and energy provider ONGC provide reasons to be positive about MDSL’s future direction. MDSL plays an essential role in military ship production; however, potential slowdowns after 2025 should be monitored closely if investing your funds here.

If investing your capital here is something you are considering do so responsibly by paying attention to both market trends and your own tolerance levels for risk.

Disclaimer: Dear Readers, please be aware that we are not associated with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). The information found on this site should only be considered educational and should not be seen as financial advice or stock recommendations. Share price predictions should only be taken as an estimate and considered valid when there are positive market signals present; any uncertainty concerning either your company or market status won’t be taken into consideration in this study. Though our informational site serves educational purposes, we cannot be held liable for any financial losses you might experience as a result of using it. Instead, it serves only to keep you up to date about the stock market and financial products so you can make better investment choices – please do your own research prior to any investment decisions being made by yourself or through third parties.

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